A War Of Our Own

Dear friends and members of the Legion,
It is with great pride that we present to you the result of our collaborative effort:

A War Of Our Own
Release date: April 18, 2014

More about the album, from our official press announcement:

On April 18 the Dutch metal band Stream of Passion will release their new album A War of Our Own through Pias/Rough Trade. A War Of Our Own is the result of the struggle the band had to endure after they decided to part ways with their record label and continue on their own path.

Leader of the pack Marcela Bovio: “A corporate impasse such as this affects your peace of mind. The idea of crowd funding changed everything. It was heart-warming to see how many people were prepared to support us and what they were willing to do to secure our future. Through this we've grown closer to our fans, they played a major part in creating this album.”

The red thread of the album is conflict in all its forms: personal battles, like disease and depression, corporate battles the band was confronted with themselves, but also the turmoil that destroys a land, mainly the drug wars of Mexico, the native country of Bovio. Musically the band has perfected their sound by ambitiously pushing their boundaries; A War Of Our Own is more progressive and melodic than ever, with symphonic elements and an emotional undertone, heavy with Latin-American influences.